Wesley Staff

Wesley's ministers are its members. The professional staff who assist them are listed below. 

Please click on a staff person's picture if you wish to send an email directly to them. If you are unsure who to email, please use THIS email.

  • Adam Hilderbrandt


  • david blackwood


  • Eve Mooney

    Director of Hospitality

  • Joanne Cirincione

    Education Director

  • Aaron Talbott

    Director of Student Ministries

  • Ellyn Gilbert

    Children's director

  • Nicole Muns

    Associate  Director of Student Ministries

  • Jeff Wickell

    Director of Music Ministries

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  • Mark Haddon

    Contemporary Music

  • Ryan Abel

    Contemporary Music

  • Heather peacock

    Youth Music

  • Kelley sleeper

    Missions secretary

  • Michelle Dodson

    Program Secretary

  • shelli duncan

    worship secretary

  • Ellen Ashe


  • Amanda Ellis.

    Finance Director

  • vicki starcher

    preschool director

  • Helen Bissell

    Senior adult outreach

  • Wes Daniels

    Recreation director

  • Elaine Maxwell


  • Ray Burnette


  • Larry Dinkins

    Director of Operations

  • Nate bell


  • Dee harden