frequently asked questions

Where is Wesley West meeting?

Wesley West will first meet beginning September 18th at 10:30 am at Greenbrier Elementary School.

What about my kids?

We will have full children’s programming and nursery during worship times.

What is the relationship between Wesley, our current campus on N. Belair and our Wesley West campus?

Wesley West is an extension campus of Wesley. While we will have two separate meeting places, we remain one congregation. You might think of our West campus as a new and additional worship service. Indeed it is, meeting at 10:30am on Sundays at Greenbrier elementary. After an initial startup period, we will again use a preaching rotation of pastors. Administrative functions (such as finance office, trustees) are unchanged because we remain one church.

If my family worships at Wesley West,

are they invited to Wednesday nights, Sunday youth, Vacation Bible School?

Absolutely. Again, we are one church so it makes no difference at what location you worship, you are still participating in the ministry of Wesley Church.

We really like the Mission Ministry of Wesley,

are we still eligible to participate and even go on foreign missions if we want to?

The answer is, YES! In fact, you might even think of our new campus as a mission ministry reaching people who might not know or attend our congregation in its current location.

Okay, I hate to ask this question, but who pays for all this?

Great question. The Annual Conference through the Augusta District of the United Methodist Church will be purchasing the ten acres. Once purchased, the property will be gifted to Wesley for the purpose of creating our additional campus. The building we place on the site will be primarily the responsibility of Wesley. No construction can begin until it receives the approval of our congregation and the Augusta District of the United Methodist Church.

What can I do to help our Wesley West campus get started?

Please pray for this effort, it is an exciting time for our church however it will require prayerful effort. We are also looking for volunteers for set up and break down. In addition we intend to run a simultaneous Sunday school for children, would you volunteer to help?