making your faith your own

Here at Wesley, Confirmation is a beautiful process in which the confirmand makes a profession of faith after a guided journey through the elements and pillars of what we believe as Christians and United Methodists. The remarkable thing about confirmation is that it is not a process limited to one person but also involves the whole congregation in the nurture and encouragement of all those who are stepping forward. While Confirmation continues to be a tradition in our church, we know that it’s so much more than that. Our Confirmation experience allows students (and their families) to make their faith their own.
Confirmation will be held on Sunday Mornings at 10:40am, beginning with a kick off on September 11, retreat on September 13-14 and regular meetings beginning Sundays on September 15. This experience will culminate with Confirmation Sunday on November 17. 


We're excited about our Confirmation Journey this fall!  If you or your student is ready to deepen their faith and prepare to call their faith their own, this is for you!