Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Wesley Church has a strong history in missions and continues to work tirelessly
to be involved in local and foreign areas. Scroll down to learn about our upcoming trip to Guatemala
and all the other ways Wesley reaches out to our world.

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The Yard Sale is an event that is held twice a year with the proceeds from the sale supporting various mission teams or ministry opportunities at Wesley UMC.

The 2024 Spring Yard Sale will be Saturday, March 16

People with older or unneeded cars often donate them to Wesley. Our team of mechanics then provides a basic tune-up and fixes any other mechanical issues before identifying a client in need of a car. Clients are referred by area social agencies.

The Men in Mission meet every Tuesday morning at 8am at the church for a "Bring Your Own Breakfast" meal. They begin by discussing business and then move on to a book or bible study. Afterward, Men in Mission go into the community, or around the church, to do basic repairs, build wheelchair ramps or do construction work for those in need.

The Wesley Relief and Recovery Team leads a number of construction and storm relief projects each year. Projects range from one-day local projects to week-long or longer out-of-town disaster recovery trips. You might think you are signing up to serve, but you will discover that you receive more in return than you could ever give.

Faith care clinic

restart augusta

lamar milledge ministry

foreign missions

FaithCare is a free clinic that offers faith-based medical and spiritual care to treat the whole person. FaithCare provides treatment for acute minor illness, ongoing primary care, counseling and prescription assistance for Columbia County residents.

Visits are by appointment only, so please call (706) 829-2584. Phones are monitored by volunteers, and calls may not be returned immediately.
ReStart Augusta is a non-profit partner of Wesley UMC run entirely by volunteers who build, paint, and deliver beds to those without them.

Wesley UMC has partnered with Lamar Milledge Elementary School to bring tutors to each classroom and to hold coat, shoe, and school supply drives, as well as toy drives at Christmas for children in need.

Our foreign mission teams have traveled to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Russia. They have hosted medical clinics, Vacation Bible Schools, and women’s handiwork workshops, and assisted with construction projects.