Welcome to Wesley...

Wesley is an amazing faith community of diverse people who are committed to making faithful followers of Jesus. We do this by Growing Faith, Building Relationships and Serving the Community.

We are people from all walks of life and ages. All of us are on the same journey, trying to learn more about who God has made us to be. There are ministries here for everyone  – children, students and adults. We offer two distinct styles of worship at different times each Sunday morning. Wesley is a place where everyone is invited and encouraged to be in ministry together to engage our community and world with the love of Christ.

We hope you will come visit with us and find that Wesley is a place that feels like home.

Our Sunday Morning Service Offerings

Traditional Services

Sundays at 8:30 AM & 11 AM

We focus on liturgy, hymns and observing the traditions of the church. Our Celebration Choir, and occasionally the orchestra and handbell choirs, participate in the service. We invite everyone to come as they are to Wesley, but you can probably expect to find slightly dressier clothing in our traditional services, from business casual to suits and anything in between.
8:30 AM Traditional Service is in-person only.

11 AM Traditional Service is live streamed to:

Website (Click Here)
Facebook (Click Here)
YouTube (Click Here)

11 AM service audio is also posted on
Wesley Church Sermons Podcast (Click Here) afterwards.

Modern Service

Sundays at 9:30 AM & 11 AM
Celebration Space

Our Modern Services are much more casual; we don’t often use liturgy and you won’t find the choir here, but rather a contemporary band. Think jeans or whatever makes you comfortable!

9:30 AM Modern Service is live streamed on:
Website (Click Here)
Facebook (Click here)
YouTube (Click Here)

11 AM Modern is in-person only.

Audio of services are posted on
Wesley Church Sermons Podcast (Click Here) afterwards.

If you would like to follow along the message as you watch or listen, you may click the following link for our Modern Worship Sermon Notes (Click Here).


We live stream both our 9:30 AM modern and 11 AM traditional services.

Watch Our 11 AM Traditional Service Live

Watch Our 9:30 AM Modern Service Live

Meet Our Pastors

Greg Porterfield

Senior Pastor

Scott Harris

Associate Pastor

Lindsey Solomon

Aaron Talbott

Associate Pastor
Pastor to Students